Blot the Dog – Snowdogs by the Sea

WIP Blot the Dog - iownthisart

Hand inked large-scale Snowdog sculpture for charity fundraising art trail

Blot the Dog – Snowdogs by the Sea

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Sponsored by Brighton & Hove Buses and chosen to be part of an extraordinary public art trail in Brighton called Snowdogs by the Sea, featuring over 40 sculptural artworks throughout the city of Brighton & Hove.

Blot the Dog held one of the most prominent spots during the city-wide art trail, directly outside Brighton’s busy Churchill Square Shopping Centre. Focusing on the uniqueness of the city, my design uses spray paint and line-work by hand in ink.

Overall the charity sculpture trail is said to have contributed £10.1 million to the local economy, saw over 350,000 people visit the trail and more than 14.6 million social media impressions for the hashtag #BrightonSnowdogs. The sculptural artworks were eventually auctioned off during a fundraising event, which raised more than £300,000 and achieved an unprecedented level of awareness for the local charity Martlets Hospice.

Blot the Dog - Snowdogs by the Sea

Here’s a vid of Spidey with one of the mini Snowdogs


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