Get On. Go Somewhere – Brighton Fringe Festival Bus

Get On. Go Somewhere – Brighton Fringe Festival Bus

Double Decker Bus design for Brighton’s Fringe Festival advertising campaign

Get On. Go Somewhere – Brighton Fringe Festival Bus - iownthisart

The monochrome artwork designed for this Bus Makeover is inspired by Brighton’s North Laine area, a collection of classic IOT characters and striking visuals from living and playing in such a creative city.

The piece started life as an ordinary double-decker bus, it was entirely transformed into an Art Bus – not only the exterior but also inside, floors, ceilings, lighting and seats. Chloe of Brighton-based Materialise Interiors met Jason at Brighton Fringe and bought some of his artwork. When the bus was being discussed with the design team, she suggested using him.

The bus was used as a venue for several events in the ‘Fringe City’ and as a shuttle service during the Fringe Festival. It continues service to this day as part of the Brighton & Hove Buses fleet, often serving the locally well-known number 49 route.

Check out this vid of me with the iownthisart Bus and Bike!


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